Pre-Conference Trainings

Pre-Conference Trainings

Pre-Conference Trainings 

New for 2020, we’re offering in-depth pre-conference trainings to help attendees take away skills, plans and knowledge to implement back home. All trainings will take place at Kansas Farm Bureau (2627 KFB Plaza) starting at 10:30 a.m. and ending no later than 4:00 p.m. Lunch will be provided. Preregistration and a $25 participation fee are required. 


Marketing and Branding Your Farm  -  [Limit 25]

Frontier (4th floor), Kansas Farm Bureau 

Topanga McBride502 Marketing 

In this session, we will cover the foundation of marketing and branding your farm, including developing a brand, creating a website, managing social media and basic photo and video. In this in-depth workshop, you will walk away with executable plans and tools that you can use to market your farm starting tomorrow. 

Opportunities in the Beef Industry   -  [Limit 25]

KFB Auditorium C (1st Floor), Kansas Farm Bureau 

Dr. Dan ThomsonKansas State University 

Learn about issues and opportunities for beef production and increased revenue on your ranch. 

Winning the Game: Launching your Pre-Harvest Corn Marketing Plan       [Limit 25]

Corporate Training B (2nd Floor), Kansas Farm Bureau  

Mark Nelson, Kansas Farm Bureau & Dan O'Brien, Kansas State University 

In this three and ½ hour marketing workshop, we’ll briefly review common preharvest marketing tools, such as futures, options, along with forward, basis and hedge-to-arrive contracts. Our main focus though, is to examine the key elements that make up a preharvest marketing plan, fitting in crop insurance, setting target prices and using seasonal trends to set decision dates, all culminating with the opportunity to implement a pre-harvest marketing plan, and testing these marketing tools in a realistic market-simulation game. Our goal is to give participants the knowledge and confidence to develop and implement their own preharvest marketing plan for 2020. 

Sponsored by Loewen & Associates, Inc. 

Introduction to QuickBooks         [Limit 12]

Corporate Training A (2nd Floor), Kansas Farm Bureau  

Mark DikemanKansas Farm Management Association 

This hands-on session will introduce participants to QuickBooks as a farm business record keeping program. Participants will receive a printed manual and will work with an example farm to learn how to add bank accounts, loans, vendors and customers as well as enter checks or deposits.  Designed for a novice user, participants who complete this session will be ready to begin using QuickBooks for farm bookkeeping.  Laptops will be provided for workshop participants. 

* Limit of one training session per attendee

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Opportunities in the Beef Industry
Winning the Game: Launching your Pre-Harvest Corn Marketing Plan
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